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October 2014♥ [♥] 2 First Gen!
[] 26 Little Brother's Birthday!
[] 31 Halloween w/the fam ~

I don’t ask for much. I’m just a kid. But when I grow up, you’ll know how it feels. You were my best friend. The one I looked up to. Other than my dad, you are the number one person in my life. I mean, you’re Justin Bieber! My brother. I couldn’t ask for anything else. Well, anyways. I heard you talking earlier. You’re moving somewhere. Or you’re gonna go away for a while. But, what if you never come back? I need you. You’re the role model I want. I can’t go by dad’s ways all my life. I need my big brother. Jazzy is no help. She’s a girl. She’s not always gonna wanna play basketball with me, like you do! Who’s gonna push me on the swing when I need it. Who’s gonna run after me in a game of tag. Why aren’t you here like you used to be? And who’s that girl you’re always with. What’s her name? Selena? I don’t know her. But she carries me around like she knows me. Justin please, don’t leave. You were there to cuddle me when I had nightmares. You were there to tickle me when I was crying my lungs off. You were there for me when I took my first steps. If you leave now, it’ll be a part of me missing. Jazmyn already cries because you’re not there. Dad has to calm her down, tell her that you’re not coming home soon. That you’ll be hanging out with your ‘girlfriend’ this weekend. My stomach is turning. What if I cry at night because you won’t be coming back soon? Please big brother, watch me grow. Watch me grow just like you did the first few months I was born. I open my eyes to see your face, smiling down at me. It’s the only thing that helps me be happy. You can’t forget about me. I’m not going to ignore you. But what if you do? I’m gonna be there for you, always. Sure doesn’t seem like it. You’re becoming an amazing little boy Jaxon. How would you know? You’re never here. I’m sorry big brother. I don’t mean to ask for much. I just want you to be there when I fall. But lately, all I’m getting are small bruises. And they don’t feel nice. I need you Justin. Please come home. Come home, where you belong. 

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